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What Works #11

Headline: Royal baby: Duke and duchess show off new son

My boss began talking about this at the office, and it proved how far behind I was in keeping up with the royal family. I forgot Kate was even pregnant, which is disappointing because I used to keep up so well with them.

The beautiful, famous Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left the hospital after having their little baby boy, who is there third child.

This is their second son, and he is actually fifth in line for the royal crown. The new prince’s siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte both got to go see their brother in the hospital. Prince William said the family was extremely happy and joked he had three times as much to worry about now.

They have yet to announce a name, but Prince William cheekily said that the public would find out soon enough. They said it would be announced after an official publication and notice of his birth had been documented by Buckingham Palace.

Some of the favorite names that have been recorded were Philip, James, Albert, and Arthur.

Multiple people congratulated and tweeted their happiness for the couple on the safety of the baby boy being born.

Someone commented that there are always these huge waves of interest in the couple, where they are always in the news, and then they quietly slip out of the public’s eye to go back to their quiet living.

I think this article does a pretty standard job explaining what happened. I wish there was more details on the baby, and his safety of being born. Obviously he’s okay, but it would’ve been nice to add a comment about no complications in the birth, etc.

I enjoyed reading the tweets of prime minsters and other public heads that praised Prince William and Princess Kate. Those were good to add in and were nice visuals to click on or view as a picture.

I also enjoyed how they add a map of the bloodlines and who would inherit the throne. The images they used were humorous and also added a nice visual to see who will most likely get the throne, rather than just reading about it.

Overall, I think this article does a good job talking about the birth and adding in helpful facts, I wish they had a quote from Kate, but I understand why they didn’t since she did just give birth.

Students Lo Noom, Bedon & Mattie Thrasher To Play Proud Larry’s.

Lo Noom’s cover of his EP “Pretty Woman.” Photograph by Allie Newman.

Lo Noom, also known as Andrew Newman, is a sophomore at Ole Miss and has been playing and creating music since he could play the guitar at 10 years old.

Newman is set to play at Proud Larry’s this Friday, April 20th, with his fellow musician and friends, Bedon Lancaster and Mattie Thrasher.

“Everything inspires me,” says Newman about his music process. “People I meet, movies I watch, music I listen to, interviews with people, sounds I hear in nature, the AC or a refrigerator turning on. It all makes me wanna make music.”

Newman recently released his EP, “Pretty Woman” in 2017, and before that put out an album, “Groovy” in 2015. For both of his projects, he created, recorded, and produced his music in his bedroom that he shaped into a studio.

While he’s still a sophomore in college, his current desires are to focus on getting his degree and continue making music on the side.

“It’s a fun stress reliever, but right now, the only goal I have with music is to have fun and make something new.” said Newman. “Being young is the biggest advantage you can have as an artist because you are more in tune with your imagination, like a child. The only disadvantage is you’re more vulnerable to negativity which can take your imagination away, but young people are the art, new sounds, new movies, new ideas, new everything.”

While his album “Groovy” is more of a mix of synth and has more of an electronic, rock vibe, his EP “Pretty Woman” gives off more of a techno, folky Beach Boys feel.

Also joining Lo Noom on stage is Bedon Lancaster, another sophomore at the University of Ole Miss and budding musician in the Oxford music scene. He’s begun playing more shows around Oxford

“This will be a more intimate set from me and hopefully a more intimate experience for everyone.” said Lancaster.

Lancaster attributes many musicians to inspiring him both musically and lyrically, but some include Pinegrove, Whitney, Sturgill Simpson, The Beatles, and more recently, Frank Ocean.

“So many artists are inspiring and sometimes it’s difficult when you’re in a phase of an artist not to write something stylistically similar to said artist,” said Lancaster. “Songwriting for me normally comes in waves of inspiration and as I further what I hope can be a music career, it’s hard for me to develop discipline in songwriting. I normally write music first and tackle lyrics after, but lyrics will hit me randomly that end up working their way into songs later.”

Lancaster’s plans are to finish college, and then move to Nashville to pursue music until “it becomes foolish to do so.”

“It’s risky, but it’s what I believe I’m supposed to do in life.” said Lancaster. “I’m going to pursue it until again I believe it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s also an aspiration of mine to have a family one day so success would be being able to provide for a family while being a touring artist.”

Also opening for Lo Noom is Mattie Thrasher, who will be playing songs from her recently released EP, “We are Miscommunication and Stardust.”

Being a musician in Oxford is an honor because Oxford is such a cool hub for incoming and outgoing artist, writers, directors, etc.,” said Thrasher. “Collaborating with other artists is one of the best parts of being a musician. It’s such an awe inspiring experience to be able to create a performance so beautiful that you can be confident in your skills as artist. However, you can’t collaborate with anyone, you have to a connection and an ability to listen to the other artist. I hope that I can continue to do this with as many people as possible and create something really unique and wonderful to Mississippi.”

The doors open at 8 p.m. and the show will begin at 9 p.m. with a $5 cover fee.

What Works #10

Headline: WhatsApp photo drug dealer caught by ‘groundbreaking’ work

In an attempt to increase catching criminals, the world is using technology to improve the chances. A new fingerprint technique is being used to catch drugs gangs from a WhatApp message and could potentially be the future of catching criminals..

There was a phone found on someone that was arrested in Bridgend with an image of a man holding ecstasy tablets in his hand. The phone was sent to the police department unit and they used the photo of the hand to identify fingerprints from the man. This incident was maybe the first of convictions taken from a photograph.

Using this technology was said to be “groundbreaking” by one of the unit’s people. Now police officer’s are looking more closely at pictures to see if they can identify others using phone for evidence.

While fingerprinting isn’t new, this is a new spin on the matter. The criminals were using technology not to get caught and in this way we can also combat criminals by also using their own methods of abusing technology to catch them.

All of this evidence came to light when there was a tip-off about drugs being potentially sold in a house in an area of Bridgend.

The area was raided and they found huge amounts of Gorilla Glue, which is a type of cannabis. They were able to recover the drugs.

They were able to see on the phone that there were several WhatsApp messages that talked about how much drugs were wanting to be bought and the picture. The picture seemed to offer evidence that the person selling the drugs was legit and was able to show off the quality of the drugs.

They were able to scan the photo into the system and discovered that there was a way to find the person via the fingerprints through the scanned photo.

The police want to begin using more social media avenues to continue trying to catch criminals and to use other technology that isn’t typically used for that purpose.

This article does a good job walking the reader through the story of the drug deal. It’s a little slow and I think some of the information at the bottom should be at the top. It’s also a little wordy, I had trouble making sense of the first sentence because it was cramming a lot of information into one sentence without really taking the time to explain it. There are plenty of sources and I enjoyed getting to see the photos as well of the actual hands holding the drugs.

Shazmatic and Ricketts Take Larry’s by Creative, Experimental Storm.

Shane Prewitt, photographed by Whitten Sabbatini.

Shane Prewitt, or Shazmatic, photographed by Whitten Sabbatini.

OXFORD—Oxford will be in for a musically psychedelic, experimental night on Wednesday, April 11th, when Shane Prewitt, also known as Shazmatic, takes the stage at Proud Larry’s to debut his solo project which is based on iPhone voice memo samples and automated synth backing tracks he constructed.

The show represents a homecoming of sorts for Prewitt, who worked at Proud Larry’s while playing in several bands around town after he graduated college.

“I got a job at Proud Larry’s waiting tables and soon found myself playing drums with 4-5 bands at a time, such as TUTM, Dent May, Dead Gaze, Game Control, Reels, and Bass Drum of Death,” said Prewitt. “Over the first three years I stayed in Oxford after graduating, I got to tour across the US, Canada, Europe, and even played “Born Too Late” at the Huading International Music Awards with Dent.”

A Clinton native, Prewitt grew up doing the “standard bored-in-the-suburbs kind of stuff” including skateboarding, exploring creeks, and Nintendo 64 before pursuing a serious interest in music.

“I loved making weird hip hop beats and film-score-esque compositions on Fruity Loops and Logic Pro, which I still use now,” he says, remembering his high-school days.

He defines his current music as a mix of ‘funky disco-esqe drums with parts that are more theatrical, jazzy, or minimalist.’ He adds that there’s even a punk sounding song that’s entirely drum-based, but hopes it overall ‘represents a sentiment of bittersweet brainstorming.”

Prewitt said he didn’t plan on pursuing music as a career until his senior year of college. He studied psychology and philosophy and wrote his Honors Thesis on “Social Anxiety and Disgust.”

While he was awarded multiple academic awards and was focusing on preparing for Clinical Psychology PhD programs, he kept getting offers to play music and even began touring some with the band The Unwed Teenage Mothers (TUTM). Ultimately, he decided to take a year off his academic pursuits after graduating and began diving into music.

“What began as an interim pre-grad-school explorative and creative “year off” developed into a lifestyle and a career,” said Prewitt. “When pretty much every person I was playing with moved out of Oxford, I moved into the Cats Purring Dude Ranch, but we were eventually forced out and I knew it was time for me to move on to my favorite city to play on the road: Chicago.”

Turns out the bleak Chicago winter was good for Prewitt’s musical process. He spent most of last winter holed-up producing and recording for his new project.

“This April 11th show will represent the four months of introspection, meditation, anxiety/depression, and sonic discovery that came with that process,” said Prewitt. “It wasn’t all dark, but there were definitely stretches of malaise with me adjusting to constantly below-freezing temps and lack of vitamin D after living in the South my whole life.”

Prewitt said he’s excited about playing the show Wednesday because it represents a number of firsts for him.

“It’s my first time performing as a vocalist, my first time performing as a solo artist, and also the first time anyone will have ever heard this set of songs live,” said Prewitt. “I can think of no better audience to reveal it to than the place where it all started to come together for me, way down south in Mississippi.”

Also playing is Ben Ricketts, a history and English student at the University, who will be graduating in May. He’s been writing music since 4th grade, when he wrote his first song the summer before he started 7th grade.

“It was bad,” Ricketts said of that first composition. “At any rate, I always knew I wanted to do something related to public presentation. When I was a really young child, I wanted to be an actor or a singer or something. When I was in elementary and early middle school, I went through an embarrassingly bad phase of attempting athletics. Around my 9th grade year, I started playing around my hometown, and it never really stopped.”

Ricketts currently works in the University’s IT department, while also playing between 50-100 shows per year. He’s also working on creating a new album.

“Other music inspires me,” said Ricketts. “I’m constantly seeking new things that make me feel certain ways, and I’m always trying to chase a way to duplicate those feelings in my own work. Even at its slowest, Oxford’s music and art community has always been supportive and positive. I love being able to play music in a town with folks like Andrew Bryant, Nadir Bliss, E Meters, and so many other amazing acts.”

Bree Starnes, a fan of Ben Ricketts music and a senior at the University, said she was looking forward to the show for several reasons.

“The first time I heard Ben Ricketts play, he engaged with the audience asking us to sing parts of the chorus with him, having us shout out “Peppermints in the lobby and I don’t mind” at him,” said Starnes. “It was awesome and made me like his laid back style immediately. He made an instant connection with his crowd.”

The doors will open at 8 p.m. and the show will start at 9 p.m. at Proud Larry’s.

What Work #9

Headline: German van attack: ‘Suspect had mental health problems’

On this past Saturday, a grey VW van drove straight into a group of people in a city called Munster in Germany. People say that it all happened very quickly and the aftermath left chairs and tables scattered across the area.

A witness said there was a bang and then just people screaming.

Since the event occurred, the update is that the man that did this is suspected of having severe mental health problems. The police have searched four different homes that were suspected to have clues as to the suspect’s motives, but they found nothing to give any evidence that it was an act of terrorism.

There were two people killed when the van was driven into the restaurant area in the western part of the German city.

The victims were a 65-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman. There were 20 other people that were injured because of this act.

The driver shot himself after hitting the restaurant. The police say that they knew the man.

This man faced allegations in 2015 and 2016 of making threats, hit-and-runs, and damaging property. These were all dropped, but it was enough to give him a record.

In 2015 and 2016, he had faced allegations of making threats, damaging property, a hit-and-run traffic accident and fraud, all of which were dropped.

They assumed that the man’s motives were nothing but psychological abnormalities in his own head.

The act seemed done by only this one perpetrator. There were three previous criminal proceedings before this happened, but this act didn’t seem politically motivated.

They know that it is a deliberate act because cars weren’t allowed in this area, so it was appears to be done on purpose for some reason.

I think this article does an excellent job of walking through the story of what happened. I know that it’s probably been worked on quite a bit since they didn’t have as many details immediately and they’ve probably been adding on a lot since then, but they’ve finally created a decent article.

The article adds enough outside media like tweets and has plenty of quotes, as well as maps added in. There isn’t much I would’ve added to this article except maybe a few more pictures, maybe of the aftermath. I know that it was probably very difficult and terrifying to get one of the immediate aftermath, but it’s about the only thing I can think that I would add.

Final Project.

For my final project, I would like to write about the Josh Burwell, Kell Kellum, & the prehistoric Bird Group Show that’s happening at Southside Gallery. This night will combine both music and art, both with Southside Gallery, and with Muscle Beach Records.

The night will feature music by Kell Kellum, Prehistoric Bird, and will also be the opening reception for Josh Burwell to present his new works of art.

Burwell’s art will be upstairs at the gallery during the whole event, and will be up for a few weeks. There will be a few other special works of art also featured.

Kellum’s going to be playing some of his new music, mostly instrumental, called “Adding to the Ashes,” which is going to be released later by Muscle Beach Records.

Prehistoric Bird, which is a project by Clay Jones, will also be performing. His music was released by Muscle Beach as well in 2017. He’s mostly a solo guitar artist and will have a set of music too.

This event will feature a cash bar and is open to the public, for all ages. It will be May 9th, most likely from 6 p.m. till 8 p.m. so it’d be a preview of the event. I can write up about the music, and interview all the artists performing, as well as the guys of Muscle Beach and the owner of Southside. I’ll be able to get some photos and hopefully film them performing. I can include statistics and hard data of maybe how many artists have performed at Southside as well as articles on the performers.

The University Museum: Diving in Feet First

OXFORD—It will be trial by fire for new Membership, Events, and Communication Coordinator, Kate Wallace, who recently joined the staff at the University Museum.

This Spring, the UM Museum will be constantly rolling out events, including the opening of the new Buie West Wing, monthly art crawls, Friday Free Sketch Days, new exhibitions, and a Master Gardener Lecture Series.

“I really feel the way I learn best is by jumping in feet first and just doing it,” said Wallace. “The adjustment is having all of the moving pieces to an event, not just the one.”

While Wallace hit the ground running, she’s excited for the numerous opportunities for growth that she wants to bring to the table, “I hope to increase membership, further bolster the children’s programs, and market the Museum as an unique event venue. I also like that this position wears several hats, it keeps things interesting.”

Wallace was hired at the museum at the end of February and was immediately absorbed into the creative world of the museum.

“The University Museum has a unique position that straddles the campus and the city – it’s the best of both worlds,” said Wallace. “I was attracted to the job because there is so much opportunity for growth for myself and for the museum.”

Born and raised in Oxford, Wallace graduated in 2010 with a degree in Journalism from Ole Miss. She proceeded to spend a semester interning in the booking department of Fox News in New York City. She then attended graduate school at Boston University and got her degree in Public Relations.

“After graduation, I tried my hand in several different fields before ultimately landing in events and communications,” said Wallace. “In 2013, I was the managing editor for, then worked for Stash Furniture in Tupelo, then as the events coordinator at Magnolia Rental before the museum.”

The search was extremely competitive with 57 applicants.

Robert Saarnio, Director of the University Museum & Historic Houses, described Wallace’s hiring as “a huge relief.”

“Once we met her it was abundantly clear we had the right person, and since she arrived she has been doing so fantastically, and has integrated beautifully,” said Saarnio. “It is a very complex position that wears three hats of Membership, Events, Communications—so it really requires so much multi-tasking, which she is great at.”

The University Museum had a few people stand in the Membership, Events, and Communication Coordinator job, but mostly the position has been open for a year.

“A year earlier, colleague Rebecca (Phillips) had vacated this position and created a template for the rest of the Staff to cover all of the position’s duties – so in effect, it became a big team mutual-support project with different staff doing different parts of the job.” said Saarnio.

The University Museum has been focusing on improving and simplifying a lot of elements at the facility to help make the museum more enjoyable and easy to access. They’ve also been hosting numerous exhibitions over the past couple months.

“Our Temporary Exhibitions have been exceptional,” said Saarnio. “Soon we opening a major show of still-life paintings to coincide in the calendar with the Lower Skipwith Gallery show of Memphis painter Maysey Craddock, who is so deeply talented.”

The University Museum was also recently listed in a national article by College Rank in their ‘50 Most Amazing College Art Museums.’ With Wallace’s help, the museum will continue to bolster the community and bring together students, teachers, and locals alike.

“I’ve loved walking into an art crawl one night and seeing what subjects are in the minds of local painters,” said recent Ole Miss graduate and Oxford native Eloise Tyner. “I love going to the UM art museum and seeing what subjects were on the minds of painters in the past, whether from far off places or right here in Mississippi. I grew up incredibly spoiled by the local art museum, seeing Ancient Greek artifacts, scientific instruments, and fleas in costume from a young age.”

What Works #8

Headline: Chance the Rapper attacks Heineken for ‘racist’ advert

When searching for articles, my eyes tend to drift over headlines until I find one that strikes my eye. I usually have to search for five minutes since I’m picky about what I want to write about each week, but this article screamed at me and attracted my attention very quickly.

This article is about Chance the Rapper calling out an ad about Heineken as being ‘terribly racist.’ He said that some companies, including the one that ran this ad are trying to get more views by putting out material that has overtly racist tones.

He called them out via Twitter and tweeted his thoughts on the matter by saying that he thought it was absolutely bogus and not even subtle. He linked the ad in his Twitter for his viewers to watch.

The ad features a bartender sliding his beer down the counter past three people who are black before it ends at a lighter-skinned woman on the end. The woman then proceeds to pick up the beer as the phrase ‘sometimes, lighter is better’ appears as the tagline.

Heineken commented back by saying they ‘missed the mark’ with the ad.

Fans of the 24-year-old rapper responded to his Twitter and mostly agreed with his comments about companies making ads that seem ‘noticeably racist.’ Some fans agreed it was racist but said that maybe the company didn’t mean to do it on purpose.

The ad is about Heineken Light beer only having 99 calories. The ad was aired in Australia,  the U.S., and New Zealand.

The people at Heineken said that they have very diverse marketing that should show more that they are united rather than divided. They also apologized and realized the ad came off wrong. They said that they would take the feedback and make sure that there wouldn’t be future issues like this one.

However, Heineken isn’t the only brand lately to have been pointed out as racist.

H&M also had an incident with a poster that featured a black child wearing a hoodie with the phrase ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ over it.

Dove also apologized for releasing many images that had a black woman turning white after using their soap.

This article does a very good job walking through what happened, without speaking in a biased tone. It gives a good background on the situation, while also providing other situations that have happened with brands giving off racist overtones.

If I could change anything about this article, I would just add a few more interviews with people. The spokesperson from Heineken was the only one who said anything, and I would want a few more opinions besides just the tweets from Chance the Rapper’s Twitter.